Local Pest Control Solutions in Boise, ID

Local Pest Control Solutions in Boise, ID
Local Pest Control Solutions in Boise, ID
The expert local pest inspection, control, and extermination professionals at Keeley Pest Control serve residential and commercial customers across Southwest Idaho from Mountain Home to Fruitland, including Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Star, Eagle, and nearby communities. We are a reliable, environmentally friendly company that offers personalized attention, prompt response, and guaranteed service. We want our customers to think of us as the best local pest control company--and their 5-star reviews back that up!

Whether your pest problem is just starting or is an out-of-control infestation, we can help.

Bug and Spider Solutions in Meridian Idaho
Seeing bugs in your home? Are you having trouble identifying what kind of pest it could be? Text us a picture to (208) 465-5351 and we will help identify it and recommend treatments!
Bug Exterminator in Boise Idaho
Are you noticing pests in or around your home and can't seem to figure out where they are coming from? Give us a call and we will inspect your home for free!  
Earwigs Solutions in Meridian Idaho
Are you plagued with earwigs? Recently, earwigs have been our number one call during the summer. If they’re invading your place, call us and we will take care of them!
Clover Mite Removal in Boise Idaho
Have you ever noticed tiny, pinhead size bugs crawling around your window sill? These clover mites are almost unnoticeable until they congregate on a surface. Fortunately, they do not bite or cause disease. They do, however, invade in large numbers. Let us help you take care of these little guys!
Pest Exterminator in Meridian Idaho
If you're seeing ants in or around your home, let us help! The treatment products we use are slower acting than sprays you buy in the store. But our products knock out entire nests and help in the long run. At-home products work on contact, but don't have any long-lasting results. Many people don't realize the complications that can arise from trying to treat ants yourself. In most cases, where you see a few ants, there are actually many, many more. Let us get to the bottom of your problem. We offer green ant control, if you would like to try that before traditional options.  
Wasps and hornet removal in Boise Idaho
Wasps and hornets can invade and build nests before you notice them. The professionals at Keeley Pest Control often find evidence of these insects under eaves and elsewhere when we inspect the property to diagnose other pest problems. We provide expert wasp pest control, including nest removal and extermination. And trust us to handle your problems with hornets, bees, and other flying, stinging pests. (Don’t worry--we’re careful to save and relocate pollinators!) Just call or text (208) 465-5351
Mosquitos, ticks, bedbugs and fleas removal in Boise
We know how to handle invasions from traditional Southwest Idaho pests like mosquitos, ticks, bedbugs and fleas. We also recognize threats that are new to the Boise, ID area, like cockroaches. If you discover larger pests like rodents and birds, we’ll determine how to get rid of them--for good.  We’ll use the best pest control and treatment options for your property, even when you prefer or require an organic exterminator.

We’re a small company with big expertise in local pest management, and a commitment to personalized customer service

Keeley Pest Control (formerly Specialty Sprays Pest Control) handles all the details of your problem, from inspection and identification through elimination or exterminator services, providing reliable pest prevention and ongoing mitigation. We can do a one-time treatment, with no contract, or we can provide a bi-monthly or custom maintenance plan with a contract at a cheaper rate. Call or text (208) 465-5351 to learn more.
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