Boise Pest Management Services
Boise Pest Management Services

Boise Pest Management Services: Treatment, Removal, Exterminator

Seeing bugs in your home? Are you having trouble identifying what kind of pest it could be? Text a picture to (208) 465-5351 and we can help identify it and recommend treatments! 

Because Keeley Pest Control is a small, local business that provides personalized service.  We are the best pest and insect inspection, treatment, control, and prevention professionals in Boise, ID and Southwest Idaho.
Pest Exterminator in Meridian Idaho
Pest Exterminator in Meridian Idaho

Get ahead of potential pest infestations!

Many of the calls we receive occur after pests have already made their way into homes or business properties. We want to help you stay ahead of pests by recommending our regular maintenance plan. With a minimum of four full services, this program includes:
  •     No long-term commitment.
  •     Customized schedules and pest coverage.
  •     Whole-year service guarantee for programs consisting of four full services or more.
  •     Top-to-bottom interior and exterior pest protection for the pests covered in your plan.
  •     A full guarantee for all maintenance plans.

Our Pest Services Include:

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all, spray-and-go approach for your household or commercial pest control

Ant Pest Control
To achieve the best results, we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control pests by using non-chemical methods in addition to sprays, such as monitors and traps, making changes to the home environment, and suggesting ways that customers can change certain habits or business practices to keep property pest-free. 

Keeley Pest Control also offers the GREEN UP program, a premium service for customers who want to use "softer", eco friendly pest control products on a preventative basis while still having the option to use more traditional products if a heavier infestation occurs. 

Are you noticing pests in or around your home and can't seem to figure out where they are coming from? Call or text us at (208) 465-5351 to determine the most effective plan from our full range of pest control options.

For AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE PEST CONTROL SERVICES all over the Treasure Valley, Idaho call or text (208) 465-5351.
You can also fill out our online form.

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