Residential Pest Control Treatment in Boise, ID

For affordable, reliable pest control, treatment, and prevention for your home in Southwest, Idaho, the professional exterminators of Keeley Pest Control can help with any of our residential services.
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Initial Service

This is the time we go over your home in detail and flush out any existing pest issues. The service will include a full inspection, applying interior crack and crevice treatments, placing insect monitors, and sealing small entry points. We will also remove spider webs and wasp nests from your home, apply a perimeter treatment, and extend the barrier by applying granular products into the yard.
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Regular Services

Our focus is on the exterior of your home, with interior spot treatments as needed. These services allow us to stay ahead of pest problems and adjust our treatments to the seasons and trending pest issues. It also allows us the opportunity to identify any issues, structurally or otherwise, that may have cropped up in previous months and inform you before they get out of hand.
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Free Touch-Up Services

Noticing ants in the kitchen or a mouse in your garage? We've got you covered. While you're on our maintenance plan, we'll come back out at no extra charge to take care of the issue.

We provide the pest control services you need for your home, yard, and surroundings including:

Household pest control experts | Keeley Pest Control Boise Idaho
Household pest control experts | Keeley Pest Control Boise Idaho
You can trust our household pest control experts to behave professionally, inside and outside your home.  We also work with you to protect your pets and other animals, your family and friends--every living thing except the pests!--during residential pest control and exterminator treatments. 

Call or text (208) 465-5351 to make an appointment for pest control management services with a company that offers outstanding customer service and effective treatments when taking care of your yard and home.

For AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE PEST CONTROL SERVICES in Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Boise, Eagle, Middleton and all over the Treasure Valley call or text (208) 465-5351.
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What Our Customers are Saying

"Professional, courtesy and caring. Trustworthy too!”

-D & D Zimmerman