Tick extermination in Meridian Idaho
Tick extermination in Meridian Idaho

Need tick extermination for your yard in Boise, Idaho?

Many people are more scared of ticks than mosquitos.  Just as mosquitoes are vectors for disease, ticks can be dangerous if not found before they burrow into your skin.  If you live somewhere that has an abundance of ticks, call Keeley Pest Control and we will consult with you about solutions for dealing with these nasty bugs.  Be careful if you try to spray your yard for ticks yourself.  You don’t want to accidentally kill the beneficial insects (like ladybugs) your yard and garden needs as well.  Keeley Pest Control applies a treatment that will minimize the killing of beneficial insects.  We can also try to use green or organic methods first before moving on to more aggressive sprays.  We will also give you some tips on ways to modify your yard to decrease the amount of ticks found there.

When should I get tick lawn treatment for my yard?

  • If kids are frequently playing in a yard where ticks have been found.
  • If you have deer or other wildlife that bring in ticks that frequent your yard.  If you have a home in the Boise foothills, this may apply to you.
  • If you have a dog that keeps bringing ticks into the house.
  • If your yard has a lot of brush, ground cover, and trees for ticks to hide in.

You can trust our professional exterminators to behave as respectful professionals, inside and outside your home, business, or rental property. The methods Keeley Pest Control uses for tick treatment and control are environmentally friendly--and we are experts at making the best choices for your situation, even when you require or prefer natural, organic pest control

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